First consultation for a Pre - Fixed price

Please decide on a pre-fixed price basis for legal assessments making clear the legal situation which informs you about your risks and chances.

Tour operator check

  • Do you need insolvency insurance yes or no?
  • Your suitable General Travel Conditions and travel confirmation procedure
  • Co-ordinated contracts with incoming agencies
  • Support of your negotiation with incoming agencies
  • possibilities to decrease the number and extent of travel claims


Transport and Logistics

  • Observation of consignments versus recovery of transport damage
  • Arbitration clause efficiently used
  • Transport insurance contracts according to international standards or to C.I.S.G.


Conflict management & securing of prospective cooperation

  • Solutions from the B2B customer satisfaction when conflicts occur
  • Effective creation of teamwork processes and development of synergies
  • to learn from mistakes: to amend faulty contracts instead of cancellation
  • Mutual legal consulting in conflict situations